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T Tech Salon

Online & offline salon organization focusing on developer technology exchange



Technology sharing, everyone comes, progress together, bloom together. Share knowledge, share power, make technology, more powerful.


Technical exchange, really wonderful, share with others, happy blooming. Exchange skills, exchange experience, progress together, no longer alone.


Technology advances at an astonishing rate, bringing infinite imagination to mankind. Explore the unknown, break through the limits, grasp the times, and move into the future.

Team Members

Although the team is small, we have a very efficient teamwork, and we all work in our own way to maximize the use of resources with minimal investment of effort.


Person in charge


Head of Operations

Zhu Zhu



T Salon, known as T Tech Salon, is a technical salon organization aiming to promote technical communication among developers. Since March 2016, more than 30 offline salons have been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shenzhen, and many online events have been held as well.

Insist on content sedimentation as the core

In addition to"I am doing R&D in a big factory"series live, we will expand"I'm doing open source in the community", , ,"I'm in Internet Business"The series of thematic activities in the direction of the "content creators", such as the "content creators", will connect more content creators for everyone.

Enriching our community play

The community is gradually under construction, in this community, we will design some play, so that you can better join our community activities. So that everyone in this community have more gains!

Increase industry partner cooperation

We need to cooperate with more partners in the same industry, together with each other to support each other, bigger and stronger, 2023 There are many opportunities, let's grasp together.

A richer content matrix for everyone

There are no longer any objective factors that can stop us from doing offline activities, so we will continue our previous city event plan to have more opportunities to meet people offline and enhance their offline connection.

Increase interaction with everyone

We will continue to work with more content creators to bring together the best content created by everyone in the form of themes to generate greater platform impact and personal influence.

Promoting Community Growth

Last but certainly not least, we need the support of all of you who are constantly pursuing growth and progress, you are the real power for the growth and progress of our community!

Let's build a great technical community together!

Without sowing, how can we reap; without toil, how can we succeed; without trials and tribulations, how can we glory; without setbacks, how can we be brilliant.