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T Tech Salon

An online & offline salon organization focused on developer technology exchange

Salon Vision

The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not create it.


Technology sharing, everyone comes, progress together, bloom together. Share knowledge, share power, make technology, more powerful.


Technical exchange, really wonderful, share with others, happy blooming. Exchange skills, exchange experience, progress together, no longer alone.


Technology advances at an astonishing rate, bringing infinite imagination to mankind. Explore the unknown, break through the limits, grasp the times, and move into the future.

Event Recap

The truth can only be found in one place: the code.

Chen Renjian: I am doing PAG motion solution at Tencent

overtrue: I work on the back end at CoDesign

Bill: I do cross-ends at Bytes

Yu Hang: I'm doing front-end at PayPal


Mutual help, mutual cooperation and win-win

Let's build a great technical community together!

Without sowing, how can we reap; without toil, how can we succeed; without trials and tribulations, how can we glory; without setbacks, how can we be brilliant.